Infertility treatments cost Chandigarh

Cost of Infertility Treatments

IVF is expensive but the costs should not scare you from trying to have a baby even if the doctor says you cannot conceive without ART.

There are no fixed costs of infertility treatments in India, and you will find that the prices are highly variable; the final cost depends upon an individual’s condition and it is important to determine exactly what treatment is needed in your case.

The costs of IVF in Chandigarh are not standard; the prices vary from clinic to clinic but that shouldn’t confuse you—some clinics offer all-inclusive complete IVF packages while others bill the lab charges, medications, tests, follicular monitoring, and doctor’s fee separately. To be able to make an informed decision you must ask what all is included in the cost of the infertility treatment, which your infertility specialist is offering.
The fees associated with fertility treatments are:

  • Consultations with the doctor
  • The required investigations or tests (e.g. semenanalysis or AMH testing). If you have recently gotten the tests done from somewhere, please email us or bring along the reports.
  • Ultrasounds or physical examination
  • Injections/medications
  • Treatment/lab charges
  • Advanced scientific techniques, if required in your case (e.g. donor eggs or sperms, or pre implantation genetic screening/diagnosis)

Below is the approximate price list:

Cost of IVF   1, 45,000
ICSI   1,70,000
IUI   6,000
Embryo vitrification   30,000
Thawing cycle   20,000
TESA/PESA (Surgical Sperm Extraction)   12,000
Hysterolaparoscopy   35,000
Endometrial biopsy   3,000-5,000 (depending upon the tests required)
Cyropreservation of sperms   20,000 (for first year) and 5,000 per year after that
Embryo donation   50,000
Ovum donation  45,000


All prices listed above are in India National Rupee. The clinic reserves the right to change the price of any treatment on its discretion and it may not be updated here immediately.




What is included in Infertility Treatment Fees?

Depending upon the decided treatment, the following may be included in the cost of your infertility treatment:

  • Administration of medications, by our doctors/nursing team
  • Monitoring of your cycle through blood tests and ultrasounds
  • Preparation and management of the entire cycle by the doctor
  • Services/tests post treatment (as deemed right by the doctor)

Infertility treatments can be expensive and for cases that do not bring positive results in the first go, we offer special discounts. Multiple-cycle IVF packages are also quite cost-effective and lessen the financial burden on the patient.

Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding infertility treatments in India and the related costs.
Infertility Treatment Cost
Cost of IVF - Surrogacy in Chandigarh, India, and explanation of the costs of other infertility treatments in India.