Surrogacy in India for Britons

Even as more and more British couples head to India for Surrogacy, there is much discussion over the possible legal issues and complications for taking the baby back home.



Surrogacy is accepted in the UK, but only if done for altruistic reasons. However, like all medical treatments, a certain commercial arrangement is essential, especially where the surrogate is not anyhow related to the commissioning couple.


Cost: £9,385

This cost is calculated the exchange rate as of April 2014.  Prices are subject to change without any prior notice.


Is it really the exploitation of Indian Surrogates?


Opponents of outsourcing surrogacy to India have often condemned the exploitation of poor women in India, who have to “rent their womb” for money.

However “renting of womb” is a rather inappropriate explanation for surrogacy as it implies merely paying for a certain part of the surrogate’s body with no consideration for her as an individual.


Ofcourse, there is a monetary motivation for surrogates as they seek better education and lifestyle for their own children, but many women say that the ability to be able to help commissioning parents complete their families—and their lives—is a major incentive. But unfortunately, that gets trounced under the compensation they receive for the procedure.


Besides, we know that surrogate mothers are always volunteers who are usually married women, with children of their own.


What should English couples know about Surrogacy in India?


The UK has issued new guidelines for Britons looking to opt for surrogacy in India, suggesting that they must thoroughly inquire about all aspects of the arrangement and do not meet any unpleasant surprises later.


“British Embassies and High Commissions are dealing with an increasing number of people who are choosing international surrogacy as an alternative route to parenthood, with more and more parents heading to the US, India, Ukraine and Georgia to enter into surrogacy arrangements,” the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) said in a statement.


The organization insists that the commissioning parents take care of all the legal details right from the beginning because a surrogacy arrangement is multifaceted, and “we want to help inform prospective parents about what to expect right from the outset – so that they are prepared, get the right advice and they don’t run into unexpected difficulties,” said Daisy Organ, children’s policy adviser at the FCO.


With growing number of people going to India for surrogacy, we hope that authorities in both countries regulate the process and provide clear guiding principles that are in the best interest of all parties – the commissioning parents, the baby, and the surrogate mother.


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Article Name
Surrogacy in India for Britons
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has issued new guidelines for Britons looking to opt for surrogacy in India, asking couples to get all the facts clear and have proper documentation before entering such an arrangement.